This article, written by Liz Morrell for, is a reminder of how important it is to optimize your website for mobile.  Google is definitely making changes based on a site’s mobile status, so the time is now to act.  In today’s world, going mobile is a must.  For more information on how Manna is making sure its customers are optimized for mobileclick here.  Here’s a look at the article:

UK and US brands are failing to optimise for mobile, new study finds

Despite brands’ insistence that they are producing responsive sites that work across platforms, nearly half of UK and US respondees to a new survey said that the mobile websites that they visit regularly are not optimised for mobile devices.

Websites must be optimized for mobile

Having a beautifully designed, mobile website design is critical for a good user experience.

And it seems brands that fail to comply are playing a dangerous game too since more than half of the respondents from the UK (51%) and US (62%) said that they would leave a website if such content wasn’t optimised for their device.

The conclusions are drawn from Netbiscuits’ People’s Web Report II, a global study of 6,000 web users in six countries that details their online behaviours and preferences, and come at a time that marketers are under increased pressure to ensure their websites are optimised for a plethora of devices and screens. Such a need comes after Google changed its mobile search algorithms earlier this month.  Read more

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