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All the Features of WordPress Paired with a One-of-a-Kind Custom Design

WordPress Power & Market3 Creativity!

  • Incredibly Easy To Maintain Your Own Website
  • World’s Leading Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customizable To Any Design Style
  • 1000’s of Add-On Applications
  • Extremely SEO Friendly

Creating Beautiful, Business Driven Websites for clients across NJ, South Jersey and Philadelphia

Here’s a Few of Our Latest WordPress Websites (you can see more below)

NJ Website Design Services

NJ WordPress Website Design Portfolio

Below are some sample WordPress Blog Designs we have completed.  As you can see, we can make a WordPress website into any design style you can imagine!
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What Exactly Is A “Customized” WordPress Blog?

You may have noticed we use the term “Customized” when we talk about WordPress Business Blogs. WordPress by design is a free, open-source software that anyone can download and use with minimal technological ability. The problem is with what you get “Out of the Box”. Because we are web developers, website designers and programmers, we have the ability to take “Off the Shelf” WordPress software and turn it into something truly amazing. The best part is all the functionality and features of WordPress remain. Below is one example of what Manna’s web designers can do with WordPress.
Actual NJ Web Design Client: On the left is an "out of the box" installation of WordPress. On the right, is the same website after the Manna's team worked their design magic.

Actual NJ Web Design Client: On the left is an “out of the box” installation of WordPress. On the right, is the same website after the Manna’s team worked their design magic.

Why Choose WordPress?

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Some facts about WordPress

Wordpress is a PHP powered, open source software. It was originally designed to be used as a web blogging platform but after people started realizing how powerful and easy to use the web software was, it evolved into a web tool used to maintain entire websites. WordPress is considered one of the most easy to use of all Content Management Systems (CMS) making it easy for non-computer people to maintain their own web sites.

WordPress By The Numbers

Approximately 27% of the top 1 million web sites in the world are using WordPress. 24% of all websites on the Internet are WordPress Sites Over 75 Million Web Sites Are Using it. (https://wordpress.com/activity/) Over 409 million people view more than 21.2 billion web pages each month. 47% of all CMS sites use it. The next closest is Drupal with only 14% of the Market. WordPress.com users produce about 54.2 million new web posts and 52.3 million new comments on their websites on each month A large portion of the Fortune 500 Companies, Major Non-Profits, Universities and Awesomely Cool Sites use WordPress, here are just a few:

Corporations Using WordPress Websites

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