Why We Love WordPress for Web Site Design

You’re In Complete Control with a WordPress Website!

Power AND Simplicity!


A view of the WordPress Website Page Editor.

To maximize your ability to fully maintain the site and to minimize development costs, we only use the WordPress programming platform; a PHP powered, open source software.  It is considered by most to be the easiest of all content management systems for non-programmers to use.

Some Facts About WordPress Websites

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • 75 million web sites use WordPress for their CMS
  • Most Fortune 500 companies use it for at least one website – including many NJ Websites
  • 22% of all websites on the Internet are WordPress Sites
  • 47% of all CMS sites use it.  The next closest is Drupal with only 14% of the Market.
  • Over 30,000 add-on plugins are available for WordPress

With a WordPress Website, You’re in Good Company!

Major Coporations love WordPress for their Websites
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