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Our NJ web design team is proud to present the new and improved website (a WordPress Web Design) for Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery! It all started when two friends, Scott and Dave decided that they needed a change in their lives. While drinking wine the idea hit them, why not start a winery. It didn’t take long for Scott to get his wife Jules, Dave to get his wife Shannon, and their friends Jen and Joe on board with the idea. What started out as a test plot of grape vines on Dave and Shannon’s two acre lawn has now turned into a beautiful 16 acre vineyard in Woodstown, NJ. With such passion and dedication, it’s no surprise that Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery has won numerous awards for their delicious wines. Visit their newly designed and refined custom WordPress website at

 Customer Testimonial

A look at Auburn Road's New Website - A completely Responsive WordPress site.

A look at Auburn Road’s New Website – A completely Responsive WordPress site.

“Manna has been amazing to work with. They came up with great ideas and were able to communicate them to me in a language that, as a non-tech guy, I was able to understand. But most importantly, they listened to what I wanted and were able to make it happen. They are responsive and attentive – I know they are there whenever I need them. They are a terrific partner for my growing business!” – Scott Donnini, Owner Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery

A Custom WordPress Web Design

Converting Auburn Road Vineyards & Winery’s non-WordPress site to a custom WordPress website allowed us to make some very beneficial changes. The first noticeable difference that you will see is the increased amount of pictures on each page. The big images showcase the beautiful setting of the vineyard. Another key feature of Auburn Road’s custom WordPress website is the interactive events calendar that highlights upcoming events not only with easy to find, detailed information but also with pictures. Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery is a responsive website design, (Mobile Friendly) meaning it re-sizes automatically to the size screen and device being used to view it. Also, the site is linked to a full ecommerce website that ensures secure and easy online transactions allowing you to buy Auburn Road’s awesome wine conveniently. The new and improved WordPress website is overall easier to maintain and training only took an hour and a half.

The Benefits of WordPress for your NJ Web Design Project

We completely customized the Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery site on the WordPress platform, instead of using a pre-made design, to be sure that the layout features the most visual effect possible. There are very few NJ web design firms that have the capability to produce a WordPress Web Design with a profoundly custom front end web design; a large amount simply use WordPress design templates. Also, built using the WordPress platform, enables to gain a completely capable CMS (Content Management System) that offers the customer the capacity to modify the information of the site effortlessly. The CMS platform permits the client to edit and manage content (such as photos, announcements, videos, and downloadable forms). All of which is completed possible by means of a login to the backend administrative system. The client managed website is easily reachable from anywhere at any time, given the computer possesses a stable internet connection, to make any essential alterations. The WordPress CMS platform is an affordable choice and efficient approach to adding website content without using risky proprietary software; not to mention it’s easy to use. Another very useful advantage of using a custom WordPress website is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins and accessibility. These SEO plugins supply the client extensive capabilities and options in optimizing their WordPress website for improved search engine placement. By their very nature, WordPress websites happen to be much more search engine friendly compared to your average HTML websites.

Web Design, Graphic Design & Multi-Channel Marketing Project Description:

NJ Web Design Services Provided: Custom WordPress Web Design, Web Site Redesign, Web Site Development & Planning, Banner Creation, Content Management System (CMS), Web Site Copywriting, Web Photo Galleries, Online Events Calendar, Website Hosting, Online Audio, Interactive Contact Form, Interactive Maps.

NJ Graphic Design Services Provided:

Graphic Design, Photo Editing….

NJ Multi-Channel Marketing Services Provided:

Basic SEO Services, Content Strategy, Social Media Integration.  
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