Auto Payment Terms & Conditions

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Subscription Changes

All changes or cancellations require twenty days prior to start of the billing date of each month. If the cancellation request is submitted after this time, the cancellation will not take effect until the following billing cycle.

Changes or cancellation requests must be submitted in writing by email to [email protected], or by mail to: Manna Group, LLC, 137F Gaither Drive, Mount Laurel, NJ 08054).

Billing Inquiries

I can contact the Manna Group regarding charges I believe were taken in error and will provide the Manna Group with either a copy of my bank or credit card statement or proof that the charge posted. If the erroneous charge is verified, the Manna Group will issue a credit to my account within 30 days of authorization.

 Late Fees

I understand that sufficient funds for the payment must be in my bank account or available on my credit card to pay my monthly the Manna Group bill. If sufficient funds are not in my bank account or on my credit card, I may be charged a returned payment fee or an overdraft fee.


I understand that the Manna Group will notify me at least ten days before the transfer, if the transfer varies in amount from the previously authorized amount. It is my responsibility to notify the Manna Group of any changes to my checking, savings, or credit card account. I acknowledge that this auto debit agreement will be cancelled if a payment is returned due to an invalid routing and/or account number.

Note: Once you have signed up for recurring payments, your bill will contain the following message: “Manna Group”.

The Manna Group shall bear no liability or responsibility for any losses of any kind that you may incur as a result of a payment made on items incorrectly billed or for any delay in the actual date on which your account is debited or your credit card is charged.

Termination & Changes to These Terms

The Manna Group reserves the right to change these terms or terminate this program at any time. Please check back often as the terms and conditions are updated as needed to remain current with technology and legal best practices.

Auto Payment Terms and Conditions